Have you imagined that you become a charmer? Or you want to have the ability to see through who is subdued or attracted to you. There is no magic in this world. But fortunately, science can make your wish comes true. Let’s use these sources to control the art of body language.

Body language is a communication which people convey their mind through head, eyes, neck, hands, ams, legs and feet. In general, facial expressions is included in body language. When we talk about body language presents the emotions, we can think about some particular movements. For example, handclap means exciting. Stamping foot means angry. Rubbing hands means anxiety. Head down means depression. People can use body language to deliver their emotions, and other can use these body language to identify their minds.

When body language expresses emotion, it’s hard to aware of it. When we are talking to other people, sometimes we frown, sometimes we shake heads, sometimes expose gestures, sometimes we cross our legs, and we don’t know them. Therefore, people can read and understand others, and determine if a person is telling a lie.

Scientists found when people in face-to-face situations, people tend to keep a distance from other people without noticing because the difference between those who are close and those who are distant. The closest people can reduce the distance to 0.5 meter. When we talk to strangers, the distance will maintain longer than 3 meters. This kinds of situation is called interpersonally distance. However, the change of distance depends on the communication and expressions of body language. Two people who are more familiar with each other will have smaller distance. Those who are unfamiliar with each other will keep the distance. If one side attempt to get close, another will consciously back off to maintain a proper distance.

Because people are hardly convey their mind unconsciously, the body language that we flash out is very important. You body language shapes who you are. You may have not thought about the meaning that your body language shows out. Now, from this blog, starting observing your body language. There are other ways to present yourself without saying them.

My Editor’s Introduction will lead you into the body language world. You can understand why body language is important for you and how they effects you. Then it explains to you how body language changes you life. And you can go to my Source List to see the sources that I selected for this topic, and the Commentary on Arrangement can help you read these sources easier. Then some hard vocabularies will be explained in Key Terms. The original idea from thinking to forming and further research is recorded in InphographicAnd you can get more information about me in About the Editor. The The Making of Reader’s Guide provides some information about the process and works that how I complete this blog.

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