Everyone needs friends. Friends are necessary part of our lives. We usually build our friendships in the school, work or parties. These are traditional places to meet new friends, and build deeper relationships. Nowadays, social media has changed many ways which people build their friendships. Before the smart phone becomes so popular that everyone spends most of time on it, people used to talk face-to-face with each other. When I was young, the cell phone is not popular as nowadays. I talked to my friends during a break or before the class started. After many social media has invented, all my friends spend a lot of time on this small devices. However, sometimes I feel that cell phone is an obstacle for our friendships. For example, one time I was traveling with my friends. I send the picture that we just took a few minutes ago on my Instagram. Two of my friends liked my photo immediately on Instagram, but they didn’t even talk to me. It seems we were not hanging out together. They “like” my photo instead telling me they like it. It is weird that social media becomes the connection between you and your friends who you are with now, but not a conversation.

The book mentioned, “These days, day to day, teenagers choose to use texting more than any other form of communication, including face-to-face communication. It is the exactly situation between my friends and me. I feel sad about it. Sometimes my roommates want to borrow something from me,and she texted me for it instead coming to me. Then I have to respond her back by massage. It is wired because my room is next to her. And she always tell me how she knows someone well, but I have never seen them say hi to each other in the hallway. I asked her why. She said, “I prefer chat to someone by text instead talking. Sitting face-to-face makes me feel nervous.” The book also mentioned that, “Texting gives more space to say things right and make things right. If “you do something wrong you can fix it right away.”.” Maybe my roommate is afraid of making social mistakes, and we are all afraid that we make the wrong decision when we are talking to each other face to face. I admit that social is not an easy thing, but we still need to have conversation with other people somehow. As you practice more, you will get better sociability. Life is not rehearsal. It is not like the game that you can save it and do it again and again. Therefore, I think social skills need to be practiced, and it is necessary for us in the future as well.

When I read “Security Blankets” part, I was surprising because it mentioned exactly about my situation when I was in class. Because my bad English, sometimes I can barely understand what they are talking about. Therefore, I will pretend I am busy for using my phone. The book said, “It isn’t that no one wants to talk to you. It’s that you’re choosing not to talk to anyone else because you’re on your phone.” I am in my security blankets. In my cell phone, there are not so many words that I do not understand. If I have something I don’t understand, I can search online immediately. And there is nothing google does not know, there is nothing that I can’t find online. It is like what the Vanessa said, “The phone gives her an easy way to stay in touch with her private social world.” After reading this part, I decide to practice the seven-minutes rule. I want to break the security zoom which is built by my self, and make the conversation happen.

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