Rhetorical Situation

I have a lot of chances to write since I came to America and study at UNCC. I have been taught a lot of skills about the rhetorical situation before I write my essay. The main idea of rhetorical situation is always think about the audience, purpose, context and tone when you are writing. To interest the audience is the primary task of writing. For me, the readers of my articles are usually my professor and classmates, it is not a difficult thing for me to let them understand my essay. However, sometimes there are too much information in my mind that I want to write it down. My essay becomes a long paragraph and fill with redundant sentences. I forget to interest my audience after a lot of writing. The solution of this problem which is taught from this blog is preparing several drafts to revise them to the best one. I think this suggestion is helpful. I may not write many drafts, but I will revise my article again and again until I get rid off all the redundant sentences.

The way that this blog describes the purpose of writing is interesting. It used the onion layers to describes about the purpose of an article. This also surprising me because I used to think that there is only one purpose in one document. Therefore, I usually focus on only one purpose in my essay. This makes my essay seems boring for readers. Otherwise, I think the rhetorical is important for writer to communicate with their readers because the author has to try their best to convey their ideas to their readers. Like the Lloyd Bitzer said, “as a response to a situation, in the same sense that an answer comes into existence in response to a question, or a solution in response to a problem.” The writer should make their thesis clearly to convey their ideas to their readers. The purpose of the article should be written clearly, and the purposes of the essay should be written exactly. Here is an example of myself. Last semester, I had a peer review in my writing class 1101. When my classmate returned my essay back, I got a feedback that he did not know what I want to say. The topic of my article is vague. I mentioned too many ideas in one paragraph. I had a lot of redundant sentences and ideas in one paragraph. After that, I deleted most of my work and wrote it again. I wrote down what different purposes that I want to talk. This makes my essay more clean and logical. This makes me think of the importance of rhetorical situation when I’m writing my essay.

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