Learn something from the classroom

After reading this chapter, I found it strongly related to my college life now. This book says, “when you see someone in your class on Facebook or checking their email, two things cross your mind: Maybe this class is boring, and maybe I, too, should attend to someone online business.” I have an example of my own. Last semester, I had a classmate who brought his laptop everyday to write some notes from the class. He was sitting in the front of the classroom that everyone could see what he was doing on his laptop. Sometimes he wasn’t concentrate on the class. He played card game in his laptop. In that class, I cannot concentrate on what professor taught about. I keep watching him move the mouse and cards. Sometimes, he watched football game on his laptop. Every guys in my classroom stared at his screen, and did not listen to the professor. Some guys even asked about the score during the class. I feel very bad, even for the professor and other classmates. I think there are many drawbacks that if someone uses laptop or cellphone during the class. This action will not only affect themselves, but also decrease the learning efficiency of other classmates. I strongly agree what the book said, “Studies show that when students are in class multitasking on laptops, everyone around them learns less.”

The other idea of this chapter also touches my heart. “Those who bring tablets to class point out that a “social check” is as who is in touch with them, a comfort in itself.” Smart devices brings the convince for us, but sometimes I feel people are trapped by these devices. People keep checking if someone text or email them even there is nothing comes. I have this problem as well. Everyone wants to be connected with this world, but we forget that we are here. Here is the real connection between the world and us.

Otherwise, the viewpoint which is mentioned about in “The Myth of Multitasking” surprising because I have never thought that it is impossible to make everything well done in the same time. Sometimes I do a lot of things together. I didn’t recognize that this will cause the bad result. Just like the book says, “When we think we are multitasking, our brain are actually moving quickly from one thing to the next.” Our brain has not done things together. Sometimes it makes me tired when I do too many things in the same time. Maybe this is the reason that the multitasking is a myth.

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