I chose “Romance” chapter for my reading choice because I remember in the beginning chapter, the author mentioned about people less talk face-to-face after social media has been widely used. But there still are some situations that people will probably put down their electrical devices and talk. One of the circumstances is when they are trying to talk to the people they like. It means that the romance still has some power that can beat the social medias. That’s why I want to know more about this relationship has changed by social medias.

After reading this chapter, I recognize that people who live in the society nowadays are hardly satisfied because we have too many choices. In the past, we didn’t have so many choices, then we chose what we really want. Therefore, people learn how to cherish what they have. However, people now have too many choices. We have make selections many times each days. Even we do not make the best decision, we still can console ourselves that we can find a better one. That’s why people don’t stay where they are. They come here today, and go on the next tour tomorrow to find a better place. This makes people don’t know how to be satisfied. Just like the book says, “While we think we would be happiest if we had more choices, constrained choice often leads to a more satisfied life.” Even though we have already made the best decision, but we still are seeking another better one. Life is fill of infinite chases. Even in love, or in our own lives. We all have to learn how to be a satisfier.

Social media makes connection easier, but it traps people as well. We can get or send messages anytime everywhere, but it also monitors us invisibly. People feel anxious while waiting for the replies, and get depressed if we don’t get the reply. We even can’t stop this anxiety. It keep going on and never end. This reminds me about my boyfriend and I. If he does not reply my message immediately, I get mad. Then we fight. After several conflicts, we make compromise. I learn how to not be so anxious when he cannot reply me immediately, and he promised me that he will reply me as soon as possible when he see the messages. This makes our relationship becomes more stable without this fight. Sometimes I feel I am trapped by the small “read” sign in the message room.

In this chapter, I understand that social media has not only changed people’s normal lives, but also changed the way how couple are with each other. Social media tries to help lovers deal with the conflicts during a relationship, but it also creates more problems to lovers. Love is hard to fathom, the only thing we can do is to find the balance between the online and the real life.

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