I learn a lot from parlors in this class, and I found many things that a lot of people have the same feeling as me. And there are also a lot of different opinions as well. In these parlors we did past few weeks, I’m interested in the “body language” which we discussed not only once in these parlors.

It’s interesting that when we talk to other people, only 7% are influenced by context and other details, 38% are the voice and the other 55% are our body language. People usually use body language and facial emotion to predict or recognize what other people are feeling while having a conversation. However, body language can only be read during a face-to-face conversation. Body language is an important information for participants to know whether this is a good time to step forward or maybe stop talking. For example, when a person feels this conversation is boring, his or her belly button will point directly to the door. Some people look at the watch frequently when they want to end this conversation. These actions can be hardly recognized via online devices. They cannot tell if someone is looking at his or her watch or lower one’s head in thought from a camera. These signs could affect the quality of conversation.

I think this idea is related to “The Empathy Diaries” chapter, “They are not developing that way of relating where they listen and learn how to look at each other and hear each other.” This could be a serious problem because we usually use these signs to read and understand other people. We get the sign, and back to ourselves. Then we learn the empathy.

In love, we need more signs for us to confirm the feeling of each other. For example, if a guy likes a girl, he probably would like to have more touch with the girl. When in the ambiguous period of a relationship, people tend to have more physical contact with each other. These signs cannot be seen while texting. We cannot know the exact thinking of each other, and it seems more difficult for us to become closer. Therefore, face-to-face conversations are necessary to lovers. Body language still plays an important role in a relationship.

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