The main guiding question of the article, “Seeking Revenge in the Underworld of Stolen Bike” is “Who stole my bike?” In “Stories-Countries-Series” and “The New York Times Magazine” website, the main question could be “What is the story behind the picture?” In “About Serial,” the main question might be “What is the hidden story of these event?” The guiding question of “Ancestry” is on the top of this website, “What makes you unique you?” The “MapStory” shows “Event distribute in America.”

I think these website represent the “proper inquiry.” Before browsing these websites, I thought that a question just have a single answer. But After finding the guiding questions from these website, I found that everything in our lives can be questioned. For example, the “Stories-Countries-Series,”  can just be some stories on the website in simple way. However, if the main question comes out, “What is the story behind the picture.” This extends to more meaning of these pictures, and let me want to think about what other possible outside a picture.

I have my own experience about the inquiry. A few weeks ago, I want to make some new friends. Therefore, I searched some questions about “How to talk to anyone” or “3 ways to make someone happy” I found a lot of articles and video talk about this topic. Because I am interested in this topic, I read a lot of article and watch bunch of video when I have free time. After getting the information which I wanted, I also found some related information. For example, “Body Language Mistakes When Making Friends.” ( I am more interesting in this new topic now. I discovered that if I can find some clues on others, I can understand their feeling while I’m having a conversation with them. Then make a better choice while I’m talking to them.  And I think this is the reason that inquiry is charming and interesting.

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