Blog Research 1 – The Superpower of Body Language

The first research makes me into “body language” is this video, “Make Body Language  Your Superpower.” This video was a business lecture of Stanford Graduate School on May 14, 2014. This video portrays how should people present when they are talking to their audience. The tips in this video are very useful not only for speech, but also for face-to-face conversations. They mentioned 3 tips for attracting their audience: posture, gesture and mind the audience. This video gives me a whole new prospector of body language. For example, I had several chances to talk in front of my classmates. I did not know that my posture means a lot for my speech. Generally, I get nervous when I’m having a speech, and I stand straightly on the stage, and can’t release myself. Therefore, I cannot make a lot of gestures during the presentation. I can’t even mind my audience. Before watching this video, I thought it is not a big problem if I do not follow these rules. However, they used lively examples to show how the body language influences speakers and audience. It convinces me that body language does play an important role in talking, and I want to use some gestures in my next presentation. There are some suggestions on the side of the screen which are recommended by YouTube channel. I want to watch all of them to discover and understand more about the superpower of body language. There is too much information about “body language,” and I cannot finish all of them. But I still want to look at these resources as much as possible.  For me, I am really interested in this topic and want to read some more about it. I want to know how people think about me in a face-to-face conversation, and how can I predict their feeling when we are talking. When I typed in “body language” in search bar on YouTube, there are a bunch of videos pop up. I also found there’s another video which seems interesting, “Body Language – Change How People See You (” I think this video may be my next resource which I want to dig in.

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