Library Activity

Before watching the videos, I haven’t thought that our library has ebook can be borrowed. I think the ebook is convenient, and you can read it without going to the library. Because sometimes you find it’s complicated when you want to find a book from the library bookshelf. Ebook, you just have to type in the key word, and the computer will find the resource for you automatically. Otherwise, when I searched my topic on the library website, I found that there are a lot of video links related to my topic. Therefore, I can watch videos with one click. I think is so convenient that I want to use this convenient device for my forward inquiry.

I often go to the library. When I have a lot of homework to do or test to study, Atkins Library is a good place to go. There is a graduate study room which is very quiet there, and people there study hard. They motivate you to study harder when you see them. It is a good place I love to and usually go. Our library provides a lot of comfortable seats and computers that I like the most.

When I go to the library, many students are studying or study together. Sometimes my classmates and I like to study in the library, to share our knowledge with each other. This library is nice that you can choose if you want study alone or together. And I just notice that the library lends laptops to students for free. I think this is very convenient because sometimes your forget to bring your laptop when you want to use for classes. You can borrow it in the library with your student ID. I think this is a very convenient service for students. I saw a lot of students borrow the laptop in this tour.

For me, I think the library is a good place to go. I can study there, and I can get more knowledge there. If I have free time, I would like to spend my all day in the library to read all the books I am interested. I love this tour. It makes me discover more about the library.

This is the place I choose with my friends and the book which I checked out from the library. I borrowed some books about body language. I’ve read some of chapter, and I really enjoy reading them.


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