Argument as Conversation

When I decided my topic, “How to read body language to reveal what other people are thinking,” I began to read and search a lot of articles and videos to work on my topic. However, when I am reading or watching their articles or videos, some ideas come out my mind: Why they can assure that this body language means something. But after reading or watching till the end of the articles or videos, I found that some signals show why people do this body language. Everything  makes sense. For example, I read an article from the note of Reclaiming Conversation, “The Meeting Eyes of Love: How Empathy Is Born in Us.” When I saw the title, I thought there’t no related between eye contact and empathy. But after I reading the article, there’s some experience they did to test the infants who are ignored by their mother stop exploring the world and feel depressed. This makes me believe that if someone lake of eye contact from their caregivers will cause the emotion developmental obstacle. It seems like I have a conversation with the writer. The writer conveys his idea to me successfully. Like the “Entering the Conversation” part in the “Argument as Conversation.” article. The writer used the experience to persuade me and make me believe that his thinking is right and is reliable.

I have read a lot of resources that I found online. I found a video which introduces the body language to whom wants to read body language from others. The expert said, “When we are interpreting other’s body language we have to be careful. For example, we all know that people cross their arms are defensive. But the prediction may not be correct because maybe they want to find somewhere to put their arms or they feel cold. Sometimes you might be surprised that it’s not what you thought.” This makes me think about that maybe there is not right answer for the body language because sometimes there is not only one correct answer for one movement. A quote from this article, “The questions that your teacher raises and that you raise should be questions that are open to dispute and for which there are not prepackaged answers.” I think this quote can exactly show how can I present my topic. Body language does not have the exactly answer, but it still have some clues that people can follow. Using signals to find the proper way to describe the action of someone is the more important idea that I want to convey to my readers.

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