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Source 1 – Understanding Body Language

This video is added on November 20, 2014. I found this video from library’s website. This video is not related to other sources because it needs the authority to log in and watch the other professional resources.

This video introduces the body language. The most interesting part is the man told about the mistakes in interpretation of other’s body language. We have to be careful to predict other people’s body language. For example, if someone cross their arm. In general, people may think it means they are defensive. But the expert explained that maybe they just want to find somewhere to put their arms or maybe they are cold. And he said, “Sometimes you might be surprised that it’s not what you thought.” This changes my viewpoint. I used to predict other’s body language by a few signs, then made a interpretation, but sometimes I got wrong answers. And I thought maybe it’s because I cannot read other’s body language. However, the expert said we have to check our prediction. He also mentioned that what particular body language skills that you want to improve is more important than be better at body language. Start thinking “what’s the impact of this body language.” For example, when we are doing the presentation, it’s better to smile more. We  have to think about what’s the impact of smiling more in presentation. These skills need practice. At the beginning, it may seems artificial. But after consciously practicing, we will be more good at body language.

Source 2 – The Silent Language of Love

The second resource is the “The Silent Language of Love” chapter in “Body Language.” This book was published in 1970, and was written by Julius Fast. He got many award of his friction novels. The publisher is New York : M. Evans : Distributed in association with Lippincott. This chapter talks about the signals that people in love. In the example in this chapter, Mike is good at picking up girl in parties. He uses some signals to see and make girls who are also available in the party go home with him. He also use some body language to close to the girl he wants to hunt. For example, if a girl is making a long eye contact with him, he begins to chase. There are no any girl would say that they are available in a party, but there are some body languages can tell if they are or not. For example, if a girl is sitting with her legs apart or using one hand touches her breast. These movements may be conscious or unconscious. These signals helps Mike rarely makes a mistake and catch up the girls he like. This resource can related to previous one. If Mike makes the right interpretation of woman, he may pick up her easily. The purpose of Mike in the party may be “presenting better in front of girls in the party.” The predictions that Mike made are precise. Sometimes he fails, but he still practice in every party he attains. I think practicing in reading body language is important, and check it after making a prediction all the time.

These two resources talks about the body language, and I learn more professional skills about reading body language from these sources.Not only reading other’s body language, but also be careful about doing the interpretations. Practicing makes me feel do better in reading other people’s thinking.

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