Research Blog 4 – Understanding of Body Language

The Definitive Book of Body Language – Chapter 1 Understanding the Basics

I read the introduction and Chapter 1, “Understanding the Basics,”  of this book. It is really interesting because the author introduces the way to predict and reveal what other people are thinking in detail. Even though some politics tell a lie, we can use body language to figure it out. The body language is important part of a conversation. How the author interpreted people can make him do better in his career. For example, he was a sells man when he was young. He can predict if people want to buy his sponge by looking at their hand gestures. If someone said go away with his or her hands open and shows the palms, probably they are not seriously reject you. But if someone uses soft voice with pointed finger or closed hand, they are definitely don’t want to buy your product. This explains that “things are not what you seem.”

Use body language can easily repeal what he or she is thinking, and kids are easier to read because they have less muscle tone in the face. For example, if a little kid tells a lie, they probably will use their hands to cover their mouth. Even when we grow up, sometimes we still can see if a person tells a lie from their body language. If a person tells a lie, they probably want to hide something from their face. They use their hands to touch their face and try to cover his or her lie. This is very interesting because even we have grown up, we still leave some gestures from our childhood. It’s difficult to fake your body language. In some unconscious situation, people show their mind in front of others. If someone tells a lie with smily face and open palms, they still can’t control the micro gesture, their eye brows may lift or their corner of mouth may twitch. This small signals are difficult to be hidden, and it’s under unconsciousness.

Body language occupies 55% of a conversation. From body language, we can reveal what other people are thinking and make a better decision while having a conversation.

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