Blog Research 5 – Telling a Lie

Kang Lee: Can you really tell if a kid is lying?

This video,  “Can you really tell if a kid is lying?” is produced by TED Talks. This video talks about the changes when a person is lying. In his experience to recognize if a person tells a lie is from facial blood. If people tell a lie, their facial blood flow increasingly flow to nose, and decreasingly flow to cheeks.

In this video, people can hardly tell if a child tell a lie which is surprised me because I used to think that it’s easy to tell if a kid tell a lie or not. However, he used the audience and experience result to prove this truth.

This resource is related to other videos which are provided by TED Talks. There are “How to spot a lier” and “The future of lying.” At the end of this video, he talks about some technology can discover who is the lier. He said this technology may change how people lie in the future. Therefore, I am interested in how people will tell a lie in the future with this technology.

There are some questions arise after I watch this video. He talked about this technology can recognize people’s emotion. But what if someone does not want other people know their true feeling? Sometimes people just want to be nice and do not want to tell other people their true feeling. This technology may involve the emotion that people want to hide. I would like to understand more pros and cons about this new technology.