Blog Research 6 – How Body Language Affects You

Source #1 – The Magic of Smiles and Laughter

I read the “The Magic of Smiles and Laughter” chapter in this book, and I learned that there is a strong power of smiling. There are two muscles in our face control the smile, and you can use these muscle to tell if a smile is enjoy or fake. The zygomatic major muscles control the corner of the mouth and the side of the face. The other orbicularis oculi pull the eyes and make the crow’s feet on the eye’s end. The fake smile just only affects the zygomatic major muscles, but the orbicularis oculi muscle does not move. Otherwise, smiling also means submission. There is an examination shows that it’s the same way to show the teeth when the primate feel happy and fearful. The book lists 5 common ways to analysis the smile: tight-lipped smile, twisted smile, drop-jaw smile, sideway-looking-up smile and the George W. Bush grin. These smiles mean different state of mind. For example, the tight-lipped smile means the similar as pretending something in their minds which they don’t want to tell you. The drop-jaw smile presents the smiler as being playful and laughing.

This source connects with my Blog Research 5 – Telling a lie. This two resource can help us distinguish if a person is lying. I remember I have watched a video about the smile. When a girl is smiling with her eyes close, it means that she has the fake smile. I would like to search more about the fake smile because this interests me.

Source #2 – Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

This video is very interesting because it teaches us how to change our minds by changing body languages. People or animals usually expanding themselves when they feel powerful and dominant. For example, the winner of running contests usually arms up in the V pose and the chin is slightly lifted. This means they have power to dominate others. Otherwise, when people feel powerless, they closed up, wrap themselves up and make themselves smaller. These signals show that movement presents people’s mind. In addition, people can change their minds by changing their pose. The experience mentioned in this video shows if someone poses a powerful action for two minutes, it change his or her mind. Like the conclusion she said et the end of this video, “Tiny tweaks can make BIG CHANGES.” The body languages shape what we are. After watching this video, I would like to search more poses which mean powerful. Therefore, I can use these signals to make me feel more confident.

Source #3 – Arm Signals

After reading “The Magic of Smiles and Laughter” chapter of “The Definitive Book of Body Language,” I continue reading the “Arm Signals” chapter. This chapter is interesting as well. It talks about the different arm shapes present the different meaning. We usually think that the This chapter is related to my previous resource, “Your Body Language shapes Who You Are,” because this book mentioned about when you are crossing your arms in front of your chest means you feel threatened. Like children hide themselves behind their mother’s skirt, people tend to hind their body when they feel insecure. But when we group up, people know how to conceal the fear in our minds. We change hiding from the solid objects to fold our arms tightly or combine the gesture with crossed legs. Otherwise, it is interesting that the folded arms also changes what do you think about others. There is a quote from the book, “When a listener folds his arms, not only does he have more negative thoughts about the speaker, but he’s also paying less attention to what’s being said.” Therefore, I believe that the body language does change the minds. Like the previous source mentioned about “Tiny tweaks can make BIG CHANGES.” I think the body language does influence how people think about you and how you think about other people. If we want to change how other people are thinking about us, we have to think about what different body languages mean before we present them.

This three sources make me understand the power of body language. I want to change my topic a little bit to “How powerful is the body language.” But I have not decided yet. I would like to read or watch more resources about it. I enjoy getting this information!