Blog Research #7 – Your Mind Shapes What You Are

Source 1 – Read My Hips: Body Language Sometimes Louder Than Expressions

People usually believe that we can judge people by facial expressions. However, the experience shows that it’s hardly to tell if the players are joyous or in despair. This result shows the facial expression are more difficult to predict, and the body language usually shows the obvious signal of players.

The most interesting part is this article breaks how we think of expression. We used to read other people’s facial expression to know what other people are thinking because the face is the most important part when we look at others. We use expression to predict other people are happy, sad or even angry. However, this article explained why sometimes body language shows more powerful than looking at expressions.

This research is different from my previous research because I used think that facial expressions are important to predict other people’s emotion. But we still need to coordinate with their body language to make a better prediction.

In my next research, I would like to know more about if facial expressions really effect how other people think about someone. In this article, the expressions do not mean everything. Therefore, I found the next source, “saving faces: A facial surgeon’s craft.”

Source 2 – Iain Hutchison: Saving faces: A facial surgeon’s craft

This video is mainly talks about the facial surgery. But the idea that he mentioned about interests me. Sue, a woman who has prominent jaw, did the surgery for redressing her jaw. Before correction, she was made fun by her classmates and teachers. Sometimes she is considered as unhappy while she’s not. These reasons make her want to do the surgery. After surgery, she thinks finally her face match her personality. We know face can change a person’s life, but what if their mind changes their life?

This question is interesting because the plastic surgery is quite popular in Asia. Over 20% of Korean have went to plastic surgery clinic. Some women even are good looking. They have the dysmorphophobic, and are addict to plastic surgery. After doing cosmetic surgery, they feel they have new lives. They think they are pretty now, and are not the old selves. However, this makes me think about if their mind changes what they look like? Maybe surgery is just a diving board which gives them confidence. Therefore, we can know one thing, that is your mind shapes what you are.

This researches are a little bit different from my previous researches because it is not definitely talking about the body language. But I think your mind created your body language. How you feel makes how you looked.

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