Research Blog 8 – How to Use Body Language to Make a Better Choice

Body language – Change How People See You

This video gives some tips for changing body language to change how people think about you.

First, put the legs shoulder width apart and the toes pointing outwards. Closed body language shows defense, fear and nervous. Try to think about if someone wants to hit you, you will close you body to protect yourself. On the other hand, open body language seems relaxed, calm and feel confident. For example, put hands in the pockets or cross them, have one hand holding the arm of the other hand, even holding a drink covering your chest are all closed body language.

Second, the rounded shoulders show the unconfident. It’s better to looking forward and stand straight.

Third, the eye contact are very important. This video talks about the 80/20 rule. During a conversation,  spend 80% of time holding the eye contact. The left 20% of time is used to make you seem very interested in this conversation.

Forth, save the full smile for the special moments. For example, when you feel funny, touching or surprises. The normal time just have subtle smile like you are having a good day.

Fifth, slow down the movements. The more slow the movement is, the more confident you are. All the fidgety movement, touch faces, player for hands are all considered as nervous movements. And the author said, “emotion gets transferred. If you are nervous, the people you’re interacting with will feel uncomfortable as well.

Finally, spread your spaces makes you looked comfortable and confident.

This video talks straightly how you can be seemed more confident and attractive by changing your body language. I think it’s very useful and easy to understand. I’m surprised about the emotion gets transferred from this video because I haven’t noticed that. It means that the nervous can be infected, and we have to make ourselves confident from inside out.

The Definitive Book of Body Language – Chapter 8 Eye Signals

This chapter talks about how to read eye signals and use the eye signals to attract others. Eye plays an important role in facial expression, and it also can influence how people think about you. We can use the pupil-dilation signals to know and attract other people. For example, babies and young children than adults. When adults look at their eyes, they will constantly dilate to receive more attention. Dilation signal is not just happens on the kids, but also happens on the adults. For instance, a woman’s pupils becomes larger when she is attracted by a man in a room. And the man decode this dilation signal automatically without knowing it. That’s why the eyes are important signals in courtship. Look at a person’s pupils can also know the real feeling of him or her, so you can recognize the liar by their eyes, too.

The eyebrow shows a lot of thing as well. Eyebrow Flash shows only when seeing a person we like. Experience shows that we don’t Eyebrow Flash strangers or a person we don’t like. Lowering the eyelids have the same meaning as the Eyebrow Flash because this movement increase the distance between eyebrows and eyes. This signal also means the sexual submissiveness, and creates the mysterious look. There is an experience shows that this is also the expression that many women have before they are having an orgasm.

Use the right eyes signals can help you attract people’s attention. According to the experiment by Monika Moore, “When a woman wants to get a man’s attention across a room she will meet his gaze, hold it for two to three seconds, then look away and down.” This gaze is long enough to tell a man that she likes him and shows her submission. This chapter is interesting and useful for those people who want to get these skills to attract somebody or check if someone likes them or not.

I think two sources can support my topic of  “how to use body language to make a better choice.”  To understand other’s body language and make the more proper assumption, and make the best choice.