Commentary on Arrangement

In my researches, I found some useful sources to understand the body language, and go further to improve our social skills and quality of life. I conclude 4 different categories and order them into these series topic:

  1. The power of body language. Source 1 to 3.
  2. How to read body language. Source 4 to 7.
  3. Can people lie in body language? Source 7 to 8.
  4. How can body language changes your life. Source 9 to 10.

Before my readers get ready into read other people’s body language, I want them understand how body language effects people. Understanding the Basics introduces you the general ideas of body language. And the second source, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are explains why body language is important for us. You can change your life by changing your body language. Source 3 Eye Contact Helps Creating Empathy support the idea that body language is important for babies and young children.

After knowing the importance of body language, we can begin to study what body language means in particular situation. Arm SignalsEye Signals and The Magic of Smiles and Laughter are some chapters I selected from The Definitive Book of Body Language book. These chapters can tell you more signs of body language.

In Can you really tell if a kid is lying? and Read My Hips: Body Language Sometimes Louder Than Expressions tell you how to distinguish someone is telling a lie. And the truth is body language cannot lie.

Finally, the importance of understanding body language is making your life better. In The Superpower of Body Language teaches some tips that you may need for presentation. In Body Language – Changes How People See You teaches you how to be confident to attract other people.

This source list makes you easier and more convenient to find the topic that you are interested in, and step by step helps you understand how body language effects you and help you improve the quality of your life.