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Six Words: How Body Language Changes Your Life

Have you ever had a social problem? Have you tried to talk to someone, but you found it’s difficult to convey your idea to the them? Sometimes you spend all the time to find the perfect timing to talk to someone you are interested in the party, but you lost the right chance. Sometimes you may find that people are not interested in your talking, but it’s nothing about your topic and context. Or sometimes you might think this person is not credible, but you don’t know why they give you this kinds of feeling. It’s all because the body language control everything during conversations or beyond conversations. Body language plays an amazing rule during a conversation. Study shows that human race seems post a particular posture or gesture while being in a particular situation. For example, the shoulder shrug in every culture means someone doesn’t know something. It’s interesting that people in different countries use the same non-verbal language. It shows the importance of body language.Child-Shoulder-Shrug-400x300

Several years ago, I read an article about body language. It teaches readers how to use some signals to determine if someone likes you. For instance, if a girl touches her hair frequently during a conversation with you. This is the signal that a woman shows her interest and wants to use this motion to please you. Another example, if a man likes you, he will put his hands in his pockets and just his thumbs come out for showing his crotch. This signal shows his manhood, and is common used in courtship of animal world as well. This article arouses my interest of body language. I began to observe how other people shows their mind in body language, and read more articles about it. And body language changes my world after knowing them. It changes my life dramatically. For example, I didn’t smile a lot when I have a conversation with others before. After I know that smile has a magic power while talking to others, I started practicing my smile. Smile in body language means submission. If someone shows their smile, it means they surrender to you. Sometimes when you need some help from other people, the first thing you can do is giving a big smile to them. It helps me a lot. I smile a lot now, and I feel people are more friendly around me. This is a great change of my life. Therefore, I would like to tell you the benefits of body language. I want to let you know the influence of body language. In these sources that I selected in this blog, you may found that body language is important and necessary for our lives. If you understand the body language, it could definitely change you life.

The Power of Body Language

Body language is like a mirror of mind. Different genders, backgrounds, cultures or situations reflect different body languages. If you can read different body languages between different person in different situations, it can help you understand the social society and promote your social skills. It can also helps you easier to achieve your target or reach your goal efficiently. Understanding how to read body language is benefited in every way in your life.

Before you get ready to read other’s body language, understand how body language is powerful for human is important as well. Body language not only shows your mind, but also effects you unwittingly. There’s an example from source 2 Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. People and animals usually expanding themselves when they feel powerful and dominate. For example, the winner of running contests usually arms up in the V pose and the chin is slightly lifted. This means they have power to dominate others. On the contrary, when people feel powerless, they tend to closed up, wrap themselves up and make themselves smaller. These signals show that movement presents people’s mind. Therefore, people control their body. Also they are dominated by their body language. From these resources I selected, you can easily understand that why body language is important for people.


How to Read Body Language

We all know the importance of body language, and how it effects us. You might think of how can we read body language. I selected some chapters from book The Definitive Book of Body Language which introduce you how to use different parts of signals to read other’s body language, and this book is a good starting resource that lead us into the world of body language.

Sometimes body language combines several signals to present someone’s mind. For example, we all know shoulder shrug means a person doesn’t know or understand something. It combines three different signals. The Definitive Book of Body Language says, “exposed palms to show nothing is being concealed in the hands, hunched shoulders to protect the throat from attack, and raised brow, which is a universal, submissive greeting.” When we interpret people’s body language, we have be careful. Body language is logical and has some rules that people can follow, but we still have to check if this body language is accompanied by other actions before we make a conclusion. Therefore, we have to know different parts of body presents different meanings.

One of my selecting source, The Definitive Book of Body Language – Arm Signals talks about arms signals. If someone crosses arms in front of their chest, it means they feel threatened. Think about when you were little, you hided behind your mother’s skirt or body while you feel afraid of something. People tend to hide their body when they feel insecure. Like the source 2 Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are mentions about people fold themselves when they feel afraid or powerless. Actually, arms are part of our body. Therefore, arm signals are easily told that if someone is nervous or confident.

Besides arms, people look at facial expression while having a conversation as well. Eye contact also plays an important role in facial expression, and it also can influence how people think about you. Undoubtedly, eyes are first place where we look at others’ faces. Through short period of eye contact, people know a lot about each other. We can use pupil-dilating signals to know and attract other people. For example, babies and young children have bigger pupil than adults. That’s the reason that they usually get more attentions than adults. Eyes can not only be used to fascinate others’ attention, but also used to determine if a person is telling a lie.

Can People lie in Body Language?

Language for people is a tool which can express our own thinking and consciousness. Unlike other animals, people are major in using language to communicate. However, people’s language sometimes cannot straightforwardly behave everyone’s inner mind. Because language is an rational performance, everyone say differently in different atmosphere instantly. Sometimes the different responds are expressed depends on the level or status of the listeners. Even some words are against their own minds maybe because the speaker feel shy, guilty or awkward while talking. These situations are common seen in our social scenes especially in this complex social relationship in this Morden world. In this compatible world, it’s also harder to believe the words from other people. Therefore, the sincere communication between people is more commendable.

However, some researches find that it seems impossible that people and their body can lie together. Scientist found the body language has some signals which some of them can be louder than the words a person says or their facial expressions. According to source 7 Read my Hips: Body Language Sometimes Louder Than Expressions, “During intense emotional experiences, there’s a fleeting moment when expressions of pleasure and pain are hard to distinguish. In fact, others read intense emotion more effectively by looking at a person’s body language than by watching his facial expressions.” This explains sometimes the body language honestly reflect people’s minds. When you find a person who acts differ from what he has said, you may unconsciously keep distance from him or her.

How Can Body Language Changes Your Life

Study shows that during a conversation, 55% of information comes from body language. 38% is depends on the voice. Only 7% of talking is influenced by context and other details. People usually use body language and facial expression to unconsciously judge other people before they get into a deeper talk. In most of time, it seldom deceive people. Therefore, we can subconsciously keep away from some lier. And also make the right body language at the right time. For example, during a presentation, there are three tips that you can used: the right posture, gesture and mind the audience. In The Super Power of Body Language, it talks about the correct posture you should stand in front of your audience, and proper gesture you can used in your presentation. It is useful, and helps you convey your ideas efficiently.


Our bodies have their own language. You have to thought about some bad body languages shape who you are and inadvertently breaks your job or life. The reason that we should understand body language is using it to improve our qualities of life. Now let’s understand the body language and know the secret of body language.

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