Free Writing

These sentences that I excerpt from my free writing provide some idea for my research and inquiry of this topic. These can make me track my thinking and help me create more idea for my writing.

  • It’s difficult to guess if a person want to talk to you or they just want to be themselves. Therefore, for me, I think begin a talking is a little bit difficult in this society. (2017.1.12)
  • When I feel bored, I usually open my music on my phone to make me think that I’m not alone and waiting for something. Actually, I seldom feel bored except I finish all my works. It happened rarely. I can always fins something to do what will solve my loneliness. (2017.1.17)
  • Privacy is something related to personal. It could include the actions, emotions or something that is produced by oneself. It’s very personal, and a person has the right to keep their privacy from others. (20717.2.16)
  • We usually have some ideas come from our minds. We continue thinking, and we will find more ideas come out from our mind. This is what my topic comes from. Therefore, idea is not an idea. It combines many other ideas. Then the original idea becomes a new one. (2017.7.28)
  • If I have one more semester, I want to study more about the multiple body language and distinguish them into different parts. (2017.3.30)