My original topic was “How Body Language Changes Your Lives.” During researching, I found some body languages are good for people while facing people. For example, smile has magic power. In The Magic of Smiles and Laughter talks about smiles in body language means submission. People show their submission while smiling, then other people won’t attach the people who are smiling. On the other hand, some body language could be shown unconsciously that make people feel uncomfortable. In Body Language – Changes How People See You mentions about the “emotion gets transferred.” For example, the shaking legs and moving fingers when someone feel nervous. This makes people around him or her feel nervous and uncomfortable as well.

My research blogs are focus on the body language that attracts people. But during researching, I also found some different body language in different situations. Especially in different countries, body languages have different meanings. For example, “knocking head” in some countries means agree, but in some countries means disagree. The “OK” sign in the U.S. means agree. In Japan, this gesture means “money.” In France, it means “zero.” Anther example is the “eye contact.” Eye contact in some countries means attracting. But in some countries, it is rude to look straightly at other people’s eyes.

Base on these signals, I began to think about the different body languages in different situations. And I think the different body languages can cause some embarrassing situations while having the wrong body language. Maybe some gestures are fine in this country, but it doesn’t work in other countries. We have to be careful to do some body languages. I think this topic could be an interesting topic. If I have more time, I would like to do some researches about the “Body Language in Different Countries.” I want to study more different body languages in different areas, and minimize the embarrassing situations happen. Understanding and respecting particular body languages can help people better communicate with people from different areas around the world.